Education social issues that we need to know about
🕒 08-Feb-2023

Education social issues that we need to know about


If you are in the field of education and child development, you need to know about the education social issues surrounding children and young adults. Today, especially if you will be working with them in any capacity.

In addition, if you have students in your life, either directly or through your family, then you should learn about these issues because it will help you communicate better with those children who have been affected by them. Here are some of the social education issues you need to know about now.

Global Education Social Issues

Many people in the world still don’t have access to education. Education is a basic human right and should be afforded to everyone- not just those who can afford it. That’s why education is such an important topic in global development.

Many aspects of education could use improvement, including access, affordability, and quality. If you’re interested in learning more about the various aspects of global education, check out these sources

  1. The Global Campaign for Education. 
  2. UNICEF: More than 826 million adults are illiterate or possess only rudimentary reading skills.
  3. UNESCO Institute for Statistics: The percentage of children never enrolled in primary school ranges from 0% in Japan to over 80% in Niger and Somalia. 
  4. The International Development Research Centre 
  5. For many impoverished families, $2 per day might buy two meals.
  6. In developing countries, this figure can rise as high as 50%. In Nigeria alone, lack of education has cost the economy $25 billion since 1970. That’s a huge amount of money!
Education social issues

What you can do to make a difference

One of the most important thing is Education social issues you can do as a student is taking advantage of any opportunity for extracurricular involvement. That includes sports, clubs, and charity work, applying for scholarships, taking college tours, and preparing for standardized tests like the ACT or SAT.

You want to make sure you’re doing what you can so that your hard work doesn’t go to waste. But it’s not just about getting into college: You want to make sure that there are not any Education social issues when you get there, it’s the right fit and that you’re getting the opportunities you deserve.

Education social issues

How can parents help? Encourage your kids in their studies and extracurricular pursuits. Join PTA meetings and become active in their school community. Attend parent-teacher conferences with them to stay informed on how they’re doing. Help them fill out scholarship applications. If they are considering changing schools.

Education social issues

Final Thoughts

Look at whether the new school is Education social issues challenging enough or offers special Programs that might interest them (for example, one-on-one tutoring).

And remember that sometimes students don’t always see the value in school activities until after they’ve graduated – having been able to pursue these experiences makes all the difference!