What Is Education USA and How Can It Help Me?
🕒 08-Feb-2023

What Is Education USA and How Can It Help Me?


Education USA represents the United States Department of State’s network of over 400 advising centers in 180 countries around the world, providing accurate and objective information about educational opportunities in the United States and support to international students who are seeking an education in the United States or who are already here as an exchange visitor, international student or scholar, or English language teacher.

The network also provides educational counseling services to U.S. students and scholars pursuing study abroad opportunities worldwide through its Education USA Centers in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Central America, Canada, and Mexico through its Education USA Center North program.

Education USA Why Go Abroad

Many students are attracted to studying abroad because they want to gain new perspectives, improve their language skills, or immerse themselves in a different culture. But not everyone is sure how to go about it. That’s where Education USA comes in! They offer free advice on finding the right program for you and help you navigate visas, housing, and scholarships. With the help of this website, you can find the perfect study abroad program for your needs. Once you’ve applied, get ready for some great opportunities! You’ll receive notifications when deadlines arise so that you can be prepared and make deadlines easily with their step-by-step instructions.

Don’t worry about applying to too many programs because Education USA helps keep track of all your applications by putting them into one convenient list so that you know which schools require more information from you. And once they have all your information on file, they’re always ready to assist if something goes wrong with any part of the process. After submitting everything correctly through their site, just relax while Education USA takes care of the rest!

Education USA

Education USA: Finding a School

Education USA is a global network of educational advising centers. These centers are located in universities worldwide, providing information on U.S. higher education issues to students interested in studying in the United States. The website provides a database of all the schools that participate with Education USA, as well as articles on financial aid, admission requirements, and how to apply for colleges in the United States.

Some schools also have dedicated advisors who can help answer any general questions about studying at that school or university. You can find out which schools offer these services by checking the services tab under finding a school on Education USA’s site. 

Education USA has extensive resources for international students and prospective applicants but does not accept international citizens’ applications for study abroad programs. Students who want to study abroad should contact the appropriate university’s international admissions department instead. 

The last tab under finding a school is resources. Here you will find an extensive list of websites related to applying to universities in America, including but not limited to sites about scholarships, FAFSA forms, extracurriculars, resume templates, and much more!

Education USA

Financing Your Study Abroad Experience

Education USA is a service of the U.S. Department of State. The program aims to promote international educational exchanges with the United States by connecting students with accurate, comprehensive information about studying in America. The Education USA website has been designed to provide prospective students around the world with an easy-to-use online resource that offers the following: 

Study in the U.S., which gives an overview of higher education foundations across the country; Student Life in the U.S. which covers topics like financial aid, housing, food, and cultural norms; Apply Now! which leads prospective applicants through every step of applying for higher education opportunities; How We Can Help You provides detailed information on student visas for study abroad programs. 

Education USA has regional offices that can advise on specific education issues of studying abroad in particular countries or regions. For example, prospective students from Australia should contact their nearest Education USA office for more information on studying in the U.S. In contrast, those from Mexico should contact their nearest office if they are interested in learning more about graduate school.

Education USA

Health Insurance While Overseas

Education USA is a U.S. Department of State program that helps international students find opportunities to study in the United States. This page will help guide you through applying for education in the United States if you are an international student. You can start by checking out our list of upcoming events, which includes opportunities for scholarships and conferences about studying abroad and a listing of U.S. universities with specific programs or services for international students.

From there, you can learn more about financing your education in the United States, what to do after graduation when you return home, or how we can help if something goes wrong while studying abroad – plus more! We hope you’ll often visit to get all the information you need to make an informed decision about higher education. To stay up-to-date on Education USA news and programs, please subscribe to our monthly newsletter, E.U. 

If you have any questions about education in the United States or are ready to apply now, please contact us at 1-800-221-9088 (7:00 AM – 11:00 PM EST) weekdays; outside the U.S. call 202-501-4444 (7:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST). Best wishes for success on your educational journey!

Education USA

Visiting Home During Study Abroad

1) When should I go back home?

2) What should I bring with me? 

3) Who should come along with me? 

4) Will my parents be okay with this decision? 

5) How will they react to seeing their child return after being gone for so long?

6) Is there anything else I need to know about visiting home during study abroad

Final Thoughts

When you live abroad, you may feel homesick or miss your family. Spending time back home can help you keep your bearings and provide a healthy break from the hectic pace of life abroad. One way to do this is by visiting during the holidays or on vacation but it’s not always possible to get there during those times, so other options are a phone call, email, or Skype conversation. But if you can visit home, that’s the best option! Here are some things to consider when visiting home during study